workshopsWhat Is a Workshop?

Each workshop will promote an understanding of what essential oils are and how you can begin using them to benefit your personal well-being. You will receive handouts for home reference summarizing what you need to know.  In addition, you will also receive recipes to take home to jump start your essential oil journey.

A workshop is a way for you to discover what essential oils are all about and how to use them safely. There are absolutely no sales or sales pitches involved. A workshop it is not a share and sell type event. In the workshops, non-specific brand essential oils are presented. The workshop gives a great way to start reaping the benefits essential oils can offer while using safe practices.

hands on workshop

Attending a workshop is a fun and informative way to discover how essential oils can benefit your everyday life. Workshops are offered for groups of 10 or more and can be conducted in a variety of locations. You might be interested in getting a group of friends or associates together to join you on this adventure. Clubhouses, places of worship, community centers, or any number of other locations can provide a place to gather.  Your company may even be interested in promoting a workshop to encourage employee wellness.

Invite your friends and colleagues to join you to learn how to use and experience essential oils for enhanced well-being.

Essential oils sitting on a shelf are not doing you any good. Learn how to use and benefit from what they can offer. The plant world has amazing things to offer.

To schedule a workshop, drop an email to me and I will be happy to contact you. The workshops are fun and informative.