How to Successfully Manage Food Allergies in Emergencies

How to Successfully Manage Food Allergies in Emergencies

If you have a family member with food allergies, you know how frightening it can be. Do you have a plan in place for long term emergencies?  Emergencies do not give warnings. It is up to you to anticipate and prepare before the unexpected happens.

How to Successfully Manage Food Allergies in Emergencies

It’s extremely important to prepare when a family member has food allergies. In an emergency, food will disappear from stores shelves. Foods for individuals who have allergies will be even more limited.

There are several ways you can prepare now for what might happen tomorrow. You don’t want to be like Wimpy from the Popeye show, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”. It is unlikely anyone will be able to provide the allergy-free foods you might need. You must depend on yourself by preparing today.

  • You can self-prepare foods you know are free of allergens in several ways. You can make freezer meals, pressure canned meals, and dehydrated meals.
  • You can purchase canned foods from the supermarket.
  • You can also buy gluten-free and organic food from some long-term freeze/dehydrated national companies.

There are some great allergy reference websites you might want to check out. FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) is one to begin with. A handy printout you can download here, Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan, is something to keep in a safe place for quick referencing.

Remember the other members of your family, too. Your pets, who have allergies also need to be considered. Make sure you have food and alternative ways to feed them once their pet foods are gone. You can check with your vet to see what they would recommend. One idea might be rice meals.

The next time you go to the doctor, ask how you can treat allergic reactions if an emergency were to happen and a pharmacy might not be available. The doctor may provide alternatives or give you a prescription that you can pay cash for. This extra prescription would be able to provide for more time between refills. Remember to rotate to keep your medications fresh.





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  1. Good information to know! I don’t have any food allergies but I can see where being prepared is essential in emergencies. Thank you for sharing!