Five Top Essential Oil Resource Sites

Five Top Essential Oil Resource Sites

There are numerous websites you can discover on the Internet that provide information about essential oils. Many of these sites, unfortunately, do not provide accurate or safe information. Explore my five top essential oil resource sites. These are highly reputable sources of information.


AromaWeb is a wonderful free site with a vast amount of information useful for new or seasoned essential oils users. You will find information about individual essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils, and even some absolutes. It’s like having a free reference book online. Looking for safety factors, essential oil benefits, extraction methods, Latin names, notes, and much more, you’ll find it all here.

There are very helpful articles regarding safety (such an important issue), recommendations for proper dilutions, applications, finding non-brand specific quality essential oils, and so much more. There are also sections for locating additional resources, business directories, and education directories to help locate experienced professionals and schools.

Tisserand Institute

Robert Tisserand is, in my opinion, and in the opinion of MANY others, the expert on essential oil safety. He has written the go-to safety book along with Rodney Young, Essential Oil Safety – Second Edition. This book is packed with detailed information experts often refer to and study. It took 12 years for the book to be completed. Once you see the book you will understand why and you will gain an immense appreciation for his work.

His free site, Tisserand Institute, offers infographics for easy reference, blog posts you can rely on, and multiple safety articles (Again, I don’t feel safety can be overstated and this is coming from the “safety guru”). He also provides a reading list, you know that’s got to be good, and several highly reputable sites you can access.

Aromatics International

Although Aromatics International sells essential oils, and I do love their oils, they are also one of my favorite sites for great information. There are numerous resources available on this site.

Here, you will find detailed information on individual essential oils, carriers, and much more. There is a section under the tab, “Learn”, where you will find an abundance of information. Areas of interest and importance include, essential oils, their purity, chemical families (I love this area and enjoy blending based on science), common essential oil “buzzwords”, therapeutic properties often heard in the medical environment, understanding shelf life of products used in aromatherapy, important information about blending (safety pops up again), and information on distillers, the hard workers who provide all the wonderful oils we love to use.

NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy)

NAHA is a non-profit organization promoting safe practices in holistic aromatherapy. The organization is very involved in supporting high standards in education and in the practice of aromatherapy.

On this website, you can read about safety (so important) and sustainability. It is vital to ensure plants harvested do not adversely affect the plant or animal kingdom. You will find a description of aromatherapy and essential oils with information on best practices. The association provides on-going research of essential oils to support their usage as well as monthly teleseminars/webinars promoting continuing education. You might want to consider becoming a member of this great organization.

AIA – Alliance of International Aromatherapists

The AIA is another great resource for the aromatherapy community. There are several levels of membership. Explore the generous information for anyone studying aromatherapy or actively involved in this modality. You can obtain knowledge to jump-start your entrance into the essential oil world. More experienced and professional essential oil enthusiasts will find this site VERY beneficial. The organization does a great job with monthly teleseminars providing continuing education. There is an excellent “Members Only Resource Section”. This area includes valuable research articles and information.


There are a number of excellent resources on the Internet. Just make sure you are accessing truly knowledgeable and verifiable sites. When I first became interested in learning about essential oils, I read all kinds of blogs. I thought the information was legitimate. I made indexed notebooks, bought essential oils that turned out to be less than the highest quality, watched YouTube videos, and any free webinars I could find. I wanted to learn. What I learned was, as I’m sure you’ve heard, not everything on the Internet is reliable. Fool me once… It was at this point I got rid of EVERYTHING I had so diligently put in my indexed notebooks.

My epiphany made me search for an accredited school where I could learn about essential oils. This was the best thing I could have done. The learning NEVER stops. Now in my seventh year in the world of aromatherapy, I have attained several goals and my knowledge level is so much more than it ever would have been on my original path. I am still on my journey and probably always will be. The world of plants is amazing. It seems the more one learns, the more you want to know. There is great value in using essential oils safely and effectively. You can do it too!

Please visit Blue Jean Mama for additional information on essential oils and their safe use.

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  1. Sheryl Sheppard says:

    Fantastic information. Thank you for caring enough to really know about oils before telling people to use them. There is a tremendous amount of information out there that is not good. Even from “trusted” sources like Doterra, Young Living, Spark Naturals, etc.

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