As an “essential oil newbie”, you’ve probably heard about the wonders of using essential oils.  It sounds great and you may have even attended a “sharing essential oil party”. You may have been caught up in the wonders of the oils and bought some or many. You may have even signed up to become a health advocate or some similar impressive term for salesperson. STOP, think about what just happened. You purchased items that you hope will improve your life. The question is, will they or will they do harm to you or end up in the back of your cupboard, lost forever?

Did the person you purchased the oils from have the appropriate professional training and certification to promote these VERY potent essential oils or are they just trying to make a sale? It reminds me of the old days when salesmen went around the country with concoctions that were said to be the end-all for healthy living. Many companies recruit people to sell their products without the training required to safely protect the people that buy their oils. The result, the sales person makes money. In many situations an offer will be made to the untrained consumer, a chance of a lifetime to spread the word and make some amazing money for themselves. Putting money ahead of safety is not my idea of how things should be.


Using essential oils can be overwhelming for a newbie or even a seasoned user. It doesn’t have to be, BUT…, you need to make sure you check out the company selling the oils. How?

Important Information to Look For

  1. Go to their website to see if they have a Certified or Clinical Aromatherapist on staff
  2. Does every bottle of essential oil have the date the essential oil was distilled? Essential oils DO have a lifespan. You want to make sure you know how old your oil is. The typical lifespan of the oil should also be available to you.
  3. Find out where they source their oils from
  4. Does the company purchase their essential oils from a distiller or a distributor? This can be a red flag. Adulterations are more apt to happen with a distributor.
  5. Are their oils organic, certified organic, or wild crafted (grown in the wild and not typically sprayed)?
  6. VERY IMPORTANT – does the company provide the Latin name and common name), of their oils? This can make a significant difference in the essential oil’s chemical constituents and performance since there are variations of many common named oils.
  7. Ask if the company provides samples. You can expect to pay a minimal but reasonable fee for a sample. Not all companies are willing to do this. This should not be a reason to pass on buying from the company if all other areas meet your approval.
  8. Cheap is not a bargain if you are looking for quality. Spending a competitive market price to get essential oils that will provide the benefits you are looking for is worth the price.

Do They Test ALL Their Oils?

  1. Do they test their oils with GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry)? I know it is a big word. These tests can detect impurities and additives in the essential oils. The GC/MS report is an indication, although it is not 100% perfect, it is none the less important. If the company is willing to provide this report, you are on the right track. Make sure you can get your hands/eyes on the report rather than accepting the old “trust me”, we test all our oils statement.The proof is in seeing the report yourself.
  2. Are the GC/MS reports batch specific? Each harvest of the plants that essential oils come from varies due to weather, soil conditions, and location. It is therefore important to see the report specific to the harvest of the essential oil you are buying.
  3. Some very reputable companies will offer a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) report as well as a GC/MS report or only the MSDS report.

Any company that tells you they do not supply the reports, but they test all their oils, should be suspect. I have even had a company tell me they test their oils, but, the BIG but…, I would have to physically visit their business to see the report. REALLY, I think not. Trust but always verify.

Please visit the Resource pages of BLUE JEAN MAMA to see more safety information for your enhanced experience using essential oils, aka “the wonders of the amazing plant world”. As a seasoned essential oil user or as a newbie, you should find valuable information on this site to make your essential oil experience better than you could imagine.

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